Sendside provides users with storage for files and documents that are sent from, or arrive into, a user's account.  The amount of storage depends on the type of account and the subscribed service plan:

Account Type / Service Plan
  Storage per User
Personal (Free) Account
1 GB
Express Edition Users
2 GB
Premium Edition
5 GB
Enterprise Edition
20 GB

For Business Accounts (Express, Premium and Enterprise) storage quotas are shared amongst all users in the organization.  In other words, users are allowed to exceed their individual threshold so long as the total aggregate storage does not exceed the organization's threshold.

For example:
  • XYZ Title Company has 5 users and has subscribed to Sendside Deliver - Premium Edition.   This would give the organization 25 GB of storage to use as needed.  One user may use 25 GBs or the 25 GBs may be allocated evenly among the 5 users.

What happens if we exceed our storage allotment?  No worries!  You simply migrate to the next higher plan.  If you're subscribing to express edition and you exceed your quota, you will be migrated automatically to Sendside Deliver - Premium Edition.

What if I'm an Enterprise Edition subscriber and we exceed quota?  Additional storage is available for specific needs.