About Sendside SecureSync


Sendside SecureSync is a powerful new data and document synchronization technology that helps organizations access, Sync and share data and documents between multiple applications and users. It’s designed to work with the existing applications in your office and securely transport data and documents to where and to whom they are needed.

This Installation and Configuration Guide outlines how to get started with SecureSync for Outlook and using it to send, receive and manage confidential communications and be compliance with new regulations and industry best-practices.

Security Considerations


Sendside SecureSync is a technology for securely accessing, synchronizing or sharing data and documents between multiple locations, partners or people. By default, data and documents sent via Sendside SecureSync, regardless of it’s origin or destination, are encrypted to protect the sender, recipient and both respective organizations.

For a more comprehensive overview on Sendside’s security, please review Sendside’s Security Overview.


Supported Applications & Versions


All modern email client applications are supported including on all popular operating systems:

  • Outlook (Versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & Office 365)

  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

  • Thunderbird

  • Apple Mail

  • Android Mail

Please contact your Sendside Sales Representative regarding compatibility if your email client (and Operating System) are not listed.





In order to maintain compatibility and to avoid confusion with your active email account(s), Sendside SecureSync, requires its own specially formatted email address and account. This email address is not shown to your recipient(s); rather, it is only used for authentication and identification purposes within the SecureSync server and secure network.

The email address is also your User ID. Please note the following conventions:


Example for a Sendside user with the following Sendside User ID:

Sendside User ID: john.greenbranchtitle

Primary Email Address: john@greenbranchtitle.com (Primary email address for the account)

SecureSync Email Address: john.greenbranchtitle@securesyncmail.com



Sendside SecureSync requires each user to authenticate before being able to send or receive secure messages and documents.  For convenience, passwords can be stored in Outlook (or other email clients) so that passwords do not have to be reentered each time.