This guide refers to the setup and configuration of Sendside SecureSync for Outlook.  If you're not familiar with SecureSync or require additional background information, please view Getting Started with SecureSync before proceeding.

Creating Your Account (Outlook 2010)

You can add your SecureSync for Email account to Outlook in a few steps. Before doing this make sure that you know your Sendside ID and password.

Click the File tab in Outlook. Then click the Add Account button below Account Information. 


On the Add Account page enter the following information:

1.  Your full name
2.  Your SecureSync email address. This is your <Sendside ID> (for example:
3.  Your Sendside account password.



Once you have entered your information click Next to create your new account. 


If you receive an error check your username and password and try again.


Adding SecureSync Signatures

SecureSync for Email allows you to choose between several different security options. These can be conveniently accessed as Outlook signatures.

You can quickly add these signatures with our automated signature tool.

To download it choose the version for your computer.

Our automated signature tool will add the SecureSync signatures and set the default signature for your SecureSync email account. It will not affect any other email accounts or existing signatures.

When the download is finished close Outlook, then run the tool.

You can also manually add the signatures by following this guide for Outlook 2010.

Your SecureSync email is now ready!


Next you may want to learn about Sending Secure Messages with SecureSync.

Tip: Adding Your Contact Information


Secure messages sent by you will automatically include your Sendside contact information in the heading of the message.


You may also add your contact information at the end of the SecureSync signatures in Outlook.

Changing the font of the SecureSync section of the signature may prevent it from functioning properly.