This guide refers to the setup and configuration of Sendside SecureSync for Outlook.  If you're not familiar with SecureSync or require additional background information, please view our Getting Started with SecureSync Article before proceeding.

Creating Your Account 
(Outlook 2007)

From the Tools tab in Outlook, there will be an Account Settings option.


Select the E-mail tab and then select the option New.

At the bottom of the dialog box, there is an option to Manually configure your server settings. Choose "
Manually configure server settings or additional server types" and continue to the next step.


Choose Service Type. Select the last option called: "POP or IMAP".

For the next screen, please use the following information:

1.  Please provide your Full Name
2.  Enter in your full SecureSync Email Address: This is your <Sendside ID> (Example: suziq.<org>
3.  Ensure Account Type is IMAP
4.  Incoming Server:
5.  Outgoing Server:
6.  User Name.  This is the same as your SecureSync Email Address.  (Example: suziq.<org>
7.  Password.  Enter Your Sendside Account Password.



Sendside SecureSync requires authentication before messages and documents can be sent. This screen allows you to configure this option in the "Outgoing Server" tab. 


Be sure to set the SSL and TLS encryption options first and then set the port numbers:



If you follow the steps below, you can avoid some frustration with Outlook trying to change the port numbers on you.

1. Ensure the drop down is set to SSL.

2  Set Incoming port to 993

3  Ensure drop-down is set to TLS

4  Set Outgoing port to 587



Once you close this screen and click "Next" Outlook may take a few minutes to save the settings. After that is complete, Outlook will send a test message which will appear in your new Inbox.


You should now be live on SecureSync!

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