This guide refers to the setup and configuration of Sendside SecureSync for Thunderbird on Windows.  If you're not familiar with SecureSync or require additional background information, please view our Getting Started with SecureSync Article before proceeding.

Creating Your Account 

In Thunderbird select the button in the top right corner.

In the button select Options and then select Account Settings.

In Account Settings click the button on the bottom left labeled Account Actions then select Add Mail Account.

Enter in your sync credentials.

1. Your Name: Enter in your name as shown to others (example: John Doe)

2. Enter in your full SecureSync Email Address: This is your <Sendside ID> (Example: suziq.<org>

3. Password: Your Sendside account password.

4. Select continue


You will get a notification stating it failed to find the settings.  You can enter in your settings below.

1. Enter Incoming as an IMAP:

2  Set SSL drop down: SSL/TLS

3. Set Port: 993

4. Enter Outgoing: 

5  Set SSL drop down: STARTTLS.

6  Set Outgoing port to 587

7. Enter your Username for both Incoming and Outgoing (Example:


You should now be live on SecureSync!

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