This guide refers to the setup and configuration of a signature for Outlook 201 and 2016 for Windows . If you're not familiar with SecureSync or require additional background information, please view our Getting Started with SecureSync Articlebefore proceeding.

Creating Your Signature
(Outlook 2013 and 2016 for Windows)

In Outlook select the option in the top left corner of the screen (File).

Select Options.

Select the Option for Mail and then click on the Signatures button.

In the Section for Choose default signature make sure your email account set to your Sync account.  Then select New.

Enter in a title for your Signature.

With your new signature selected, in the Edit Signature field you will need to enter the following.

Please note that the Challenge question cannot be more than 150 characters long and the Response can be no more than 50 characters long.

[Send Method: Challenge & Response]
[Challenge: What is the property zip code?]
[Response: 55555]

You can type in your own text for the Challenge and Response. What is currently in there is for example purposes.

You can put this either before or after your signature.

Click on OK when done.

For directions on how to send a Challenge and Response message please click on the link below.
How to send a Challenge and Response Message