This guide refers to the setup and configuration of Sendside SecureSync on how to send a No Login message. If you're not familiar with SecureSync or require additional background information, please view our Getting Started with SecureSync Article before proceeding.

Sending Messages via No Login

This article assumes that you have read the Getting Started Guide and have successfully configured your email client for Sendside SecureSync. If not, please refer to the Getting Started Guide for more information.

No-login Required is another popular way to send documents via Sendside SecureSync. This method offers the least security of all the available delivery methods. Although the message and documents are encrypted all the way from the sender to the recipient, the email notification that alerts the recipient that a new message has been received is not. Because email is inherently insecure, theoretically, the notification could be intercepted while enroute, giving access to the message and document without the need to provide authentication.

Sending a message that doesn't require a password or a challenge and response is very simple.  All you have to do is create a signature that contains the following template.


[Send Method: No Login]


As you can see it is just like sending a Challenge and Response message with only changing a minor part.  If you need help setting up your signature please see the instructions below.

If you are unable to create multiple signatures all you need to do is change the part labeled as Send Method to have No Login written next to it in as in the above examples.

Creating a Signature in Thunderbird for Windows.

Adding Signature in Windows Live email

Outlook 2013 - How to add a Signature