This guide refers to the setup and configuration of Sendside SecureSync. If you're not familiar with SecureSync or require additional background information, please view our Getting Started with SecureSync Article before proceeding.

Setting up your Secure Sync message to notify you when the recipient has read your message.

This article assumes that you have read the Getting Started Guide and have successfully configured your email client for Sendside SecureSync. If not, please refer to the Getting Started Guide for more information

This guide will show you how through a simple signature you can get a notification when a client has read your secure message.

This only works with secure messages that require a user account to be set up.  Currently this is not supported in the No Login or Challenge & Response methods.

To set it up all you have to do is have the following lines entered into your signature.  This is the only thing you will need in the signature line for the sync system (The rest of your signatures are fine when entered before or after.  Please see image below for example).

[Read Receipt: Yes]

As you can see it is just like sending a Challenge and Response, Secure Message, or No Login message with only changing a minor part. If you need help setting up your signature please see the instructions below.

If you are unable to create multiple signatures all you need to do is change the part of the signature between the [##SecureSync##] starter and closer.

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